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Transparent approach and expertise

Establish new business with the benefit of long term, trustful partnerships of API suppliers.

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TIEFENBACHER as active ingredient representative

TIEFENBACHER is a pioneer in the international API market


TIEFENBACHER is a pioneer in the international active pharmaceutical ingredient market. The trusting relationships that TIEFENBACHER enjoys with its suppliers and principals have been the key to its success. RECORDATI S.p.A., as one example among many, has been represented successfully by TIEFENBACHER more than 50 years.

Today, TIEFENBACHER represents nearly 55 international API suppliers, the so called ‘Principals’. The word, along with so many of TIEFENBACHERs innovative business practices, has become a standard term in the international API business since its introduction by Alfred E. Tiefenbacher himself.

50 years experience in the API market

How we satisfy our partners


It is the long standing and profound knowledge of the continuously changing API market and its significance in healthcare, as well as anticipation and flexibility when dealing with radical changes in the industry that have allowed AET to grow over the last 50 years.


AETs API division – now called TIEFENBACHER API + Ingredients – demerged from AET in April 2015 to focus on what they call their core business – the representation of API manufacturers from all over the world in Europe.

By basing the relationships with leading principals, suppliers and clients on successful and trusting collaboration, TIEFENBACHER has the experience and ability to exceed. TIEFENBACHER is able to anticipate and satisfy the needs of the pharmaceutical and API industries.

Trusting relationships

Transparency in the relationships between the manufacturer, the commissioner and TIEFENBACHER is of paramount importance in delivering value to TIEFENBACHERs clients, and promotes trusting and open collaborations that are best able to innovate and be efficient in dealing with complex and challenging situations.


50 years experience in procurement management and superb information networks have established TIEFENBACHER as one of the most successful API procurement companies globally. More than 50 carefully selected API manufacturers from around the world provide TIEFENBACHERs clients with API. READ MORE >

Quality Assurance

Since 2003 we are auditing all our worldwide suppliers. As well as having an in-house Qualified Person and a Quality Department for more than 15 years, we have Quality Assurance Agreements in place.

What we offer

Lasting business relationships for sustained quality

Continuity, transparency and trust are the cornerstones of collaboration with API suppliers and partners in the industry.

TIEFENBACHER: Over 50 years of success


Foundation by Alfred E. Tiefenbacher

Alfred E. Tiefenbacher starts the TIEFENBACHER company by the same name. Short called AET.

Italian-based Recordati becomes first AET principal

Company moves to new address in villa on Harvestehuder Weg

Total sales: EUR 8,9 mil. Employees: 6 API suppliers represented: 13

Glaxo India becomes first indian principal

Hisun becomes first chinese principal


First API and after 50 years still existing.

First EU marketing authorisation for Citalopram

AET moves to new headquarters

Company moves to new and current address on Van-der-Smissen-Straße, directly at the river Elbe.

AET research laboratory opens

AET research laboratory opens in Hyderabad, India.

Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Alfred E. Tiefenbacher

.. with partners, principals and friends festive celebration with more than 500 friends and partners from all over the world.

TIEFENBACHER API + Ingredients separates from AET

After successful and progressive years of great cooperation TIEFENBACHER API separates from AET and starts its business as a unique API division


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